From Quarry to Countertop. Real Stone, Real Value.

Who We Are

We Are Committed

To quality, safety and a healthy Environment.
To Society, through Reliability and Personal Effort

We Are Accessible

To the individual client, collaborator, and supplier.

We Are Enterprising

Innovators and pioneers.
We have a dream which starts with a family and extends
to a municipality, a region, a country, and the whole World.

We Are Self-Demanding

We are committed to continued improvement and innovation.
We want to be excellent and always endeavor to contribute the best values.
We want to be perceived as excellent being upright and persevering in attaining our objectives, and pursue our efforts in the drive to excel.

We Are Sensitive

We admire and recognize top-quality work.
We know how to listen; we encourage dialogue with
our collaborators, colleagues, clients, suppliers and the Market as a whole.

We Are Humble

Our performance is dominated by humility as opposed to vanity.

We Are Driven By Equality

All our actions are based on the principle of equality,
between us and our collaborators, offering equal opportunities
to both men and women of all races and orientations.

We Are Flexible

We confront new challenges head-on, and readily adapt
to new situations, different to continue to improve our processes.

We Are Upright And Honest

We stand for the ethical and moral values socially acceptable.
We avoid all things which could be perceived as inappropriate.
Our actions are based on the principles of justice, respect, responsibility,
honor and transparency.
We communicate our intentions, ideas and feelings, openly
and directly always acting with complete honesty and
integrity even in risky and difficult situations.